Software Solutions

CFM Systems currently markets four software products.

The players are bickering, they want to start playing, the seedings look wrong, and that big guy over there claims to be a student… Sound familiar? Try IMTrack!!

Here’s a riddle: Who rents gym equipment, assigns late fees, sends emails for locker renewal all at once? Answer: A smart person that uses FacilityTrack!!

If you have a thick folder with yoga classes, your CPR classes, your martial arts classes and more classes, here’s a little gift for you: ClassTrack.

Incorporate the web and the desktop to your officiating assignment duties with RefTrack.


CFM Systems currently markets four software products.

CFM Systems have also developed other utilities mainly for internal purposes. These utilities allow our customers to upgrade their software automatically and email their participants through our systems. Our tools also allow us to track our customer, service agreements, and build out installation CDs.