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CFM Enterprise

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Cartagena, Fontenot & Matheny Enterprises, Inc. (CFM Enterprises) is a public corporation formed in the state of Georgia. The company was incorporated in July, 2003. The company operates with two divisions, CFM Systems and CFM Solutions.

CFM Systems is a software development and distribution firm providing desktop and Internet management solutions for facilities of all types, currently focusing on establishing niche markets in primarily the education industry to build a customer base. Specifically, the division focuses on improving the overall efficiency and productivity of businesses, organizations and institutions that have multiple facilities by offering a wholly integrated suite of software products, ranging from facilities reservations and scheduling, Point-Of-Sale program registration and employee/referee scheduling, to equipment tracking, facilities planning, monitoring and maintenance. The solution is presented to the user with a seamless web application, operated from a personal computer or within a LAN infrastructure. Our desktop and web applications are designed to improve office efficiency and productivity, customer support and satisfaction, Internet presence, and overall quality of operation. Over 50 customers across the United States use products owned by CFM Systems.


CFM Enterprises offers consulting services in the software/web developing, tech support and sales/marketing areas. CFM Solutions handles all consulting contracts


CFM Systems currently markets four software products. CFM Systems have also developed other utilities mainly for internal purposes.

Web Apps and Design

CFM Systems currently markets different web applications. Our web designers can handle almost any type of website. We have access to numerous templates to give a new site an artistic look. If you need programming on your site, we have expert programmers in RUBY, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java, etc.

Web Hosting

We provide best in class website hosting solutions for our clients. If you have a big or small business then we got you covered. We also provide hosting on a scale.

Software and Internet Design and Consulation

Because we care about our clients

We are professionals and know how important the product is to our clients. We leave no stone untouched to deliver a product meeting your expectations.